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English Playgroup

For toddlers aged 3.5-5 years old.

Our playgroup provides opportunities for children to get in touch with English by playing simple games, painting and singing.

Stacking Blocks

Group Class

Duration: 1 hour / lesson

Class Size: 3 - 4

*One-on-one tutorial is available on special request, please contact us for more details.


  • Promote cognitive development: joy of learning, language enrichment and communication.

  • Introduce children to the aesthetic world: artistic drama, forms, sounds, colours...

  • Wide range of artistic activities including music, drawing, handicrafts and children's literature.

  • Small class teaching enables teachers to gain access to children's world, better catering for their individual needs.

  • Individual learning Plans, a customised plan for each student. Goals will be set together with parents, and will be evaluated every 6 months.

Students will be able to:

  • become active learners.

  • learn to admire the beauty of language and be confident in expressing themselves.

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