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Travel and learn Spanis In... Spain (Dec 2022)

⭐Hola a todos⭐

Welcome back to the monthly🥾 Travel and Learn Spanish In... with LOPE Spanish.

We will introduce interesting travel destinatins📍 each month with Spanish expression for your trip!

This month, we will take you all to Bilbao in Spain!🇪🇸 If you are a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones,👑 you must love this place!. The San Juan de Gazetelugatxe is an island🏝️ with rich history and mesmorizing scenery conntected by a stone staircase to the mainland. This is the shooting location of the Dragonstone in the series.🎥

⬅️Swipe left and learn more about the amazing place

Don't forget to learn the featured Spaish word with us!

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