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About LOPE

We founded LOPE Spanish Education Centre in Hong Kong with one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding Spanish learning experience. We thrive with our students and strive to lope forward.
Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals and dreams.

Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us today!

Our Mission


We believe life is all about growth and learning and we should have fun during the process. In fact, learning is fun itself!

Here at LOPE students will get a good glimpse of what learning should really be like.


Playing is a child's meaningful experience. LOPE provides different types of Playing to arouse students' interest in learning. Students do not only gain knowledge, but also a memory that worth treasuring for life.


"We lope towards the right way, without going astray."

We provide guidance and make sure they are on the right track.


We don't only teach a language, we nurture them so they remain curious of the world.


develop sense of belonging in the world and the community around them.

Our teachers

Alba Burgos Olazabal

Certificated in Language teaching from Spain and a DELE Examinar

Experienced in teaching Spanish for 

primary and secondary schools

Enthusiastic in teaching Spanish

Alba pic _edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Providing the best Spanish education

We understand that learning a new language is not easy, so we strive to provide the best learning environment for our students as their first step towards mastering Spanish

Collaborating Companies

LaLiga Football Schools HK

LaLiga Football School Hong Kong has elevated football for all age groups, providing the best football experience to our players through the 'LaLiga Methodology', training our students in playing the ‘Spanish Way’.

The training covers 4 main aspects: Tactical Awareness, Technical Coordinative, Physical Condition, and Psychological. 

Our coaching team is one of the best in Asia within Football Academies and Schools: Coaches with UEFA Pro-license, current Spanish professional football players, and a local top coaching team. 

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