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for Adults

Spanish is fun for leisure, study or work.

One should not stop exploring and learning even when they are in adulthood. Start your advanture and challenge today together with LOPE! 

Adult Students

Group Class

  • Adult I - II 

  • Adult III - V

  • Adult Advanced level 

Duration: 2 hours / lesson (Total 16 lessons)

Class size: 5 - 8


A short course helps you to travel or study in Spanish speaking country without communication barrier  

Duration: 2 hours / lesson (Total 7 lessons)

Private Class

  • available online / in-person

  • flexible lesson time

  • progress that meets your personal needs

Semi-private Class

  • One-to-two

  • available online / in-person

  • flexible lesson time

  • progress scheduled at your pace

Not a fresher?

For experienced learners, we offer a free assessment to allocate to a suitable class. Students please prepare the materials/ textbooks they are using with them.

adults spanish class timetable


adult 01
adult 02
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