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For toddlers aged 3.5-5 years old.

Our Spanish playgroup provides opportunities to children to get in touch with Spanish by playing simple games, painting and singing.

spanish playgroup class photo
spanish vocabulary

Group Class

Duration: 1 hour / lesson

Class Size: 3 - 4 students

*One-on-one tutorial is available on special request, please contact us for more details.


  • Immersive learning to arouse children's interest in languages.

  • Get familiarised with the Spanish context.

  • Prepares children for DELE Teens exam (Spanish International Proficiency assessment)

  • Widely used textbook "Submarino" with complementary workbook and activities

Students will be able to:

  • become active learners.

  • learn basic greetings, pronunciation and constructing simple sentences.

  • explore the fun side of Spanish.

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