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Travel and Learn Spanish in... Mexico -Mar 2023

⭐Hola a todos⭐

Welcome back to our monthly 🥾Travel and Learn Spanish In...🇲🇽 with LOPE Spanish!

Every month, we introduce an interesting travel destination📍 and a Spanish word💬 to prepare you for your trip to any Hispanis countries🙌🏻

This month, we will be exploring the beautiful alleys of Potrero🌳. Are you ready to be captivated by the beauty of this place and to discover the culture and history that surrounds it? Make sure to check out the picturesque alley and its romantic legend!😍

⬅️Swipte left and learn more about the amazing place🤔

🥳Don't forget to learn the featured Spanish word with us!🙌🏻

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